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By Dr. Ursula Weide, PhD, JD, NCC, FT

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Please see below two videos of Dr. Weide explaining her approach to traumatic or complicated grief, and the difference between sadness and grief.

VIDEO: Ursula Weide, PhD Speaking on Channel 8 About Grief

VIDEO: Dr. Weide Discusses Her Approach to Grief

Dr. Weide's Book on Bereavement and How to Cope


A Guide to Complicated or Traumatic Grief, Effective Coping Skills Based On Experience and Research, and Help for All Who Want to Be Supportive


Articles and Press Releases About Grief by Dr. Weide:

Grief - What is it Really?
By: Dr. Weide - April 2015

Can Grief be Brief?
By: Dr. Weide

Let us Bury the Stages of Grief - for Good!
By: Dr. Weide

Traumatic Grief - Beyond Charity
By: Dr. Weide

What is Complicated about Grief? A Professional Approach
By: Dr. Weide (October 14, 2011)

Bereavement and the DSM-5 - An Update and Commentary
By: Dr. Weide, Winter 2012 (Please scroll down to page 25)

Does the Grief After a Child's Traumatic Death Ever End? Dr. Weide, Grief Expert, Says No
(Press Release on October 22, 2010)

The Real Truth About Grief: Grief Survivor Dr. Weide Disagrees with a "Standard Way of Grieving" Based on Resilience
(Press Release on February 22, 2011)

Articles by Other Authors Interviewing Dr. Weide About Grief:

Using Facebook to Grieve
By: Justine van der Leun (

Patrick Swayze is Gone But His Wife Still Texts Him
By: Susan Donaldson James (

Officer Kills Wife, Then Self in Grief Over Son’s Suicide
By: Susan Donaldson James (

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