For Organizations and Schools: Grief Counseling and Crisis Intervention
(Greater Washington Metropolitan Area)

When Tragedy Happens...Grief and Crisis Counseling Help Can Be On the Way Quickly For Your Staff and Management or Your School and Students!

Please call our direct line at 240-229-1893 (24/7). For e-mail links, go to Services page

´╗┐Organizations or schools - anything can happen to any of us. Which could mean members of your organization or your students and staff. In organizations, often these are young individuals who died violently or suddenly. And whose death has a deep impact on co-workers. In case of a school tragedy, the trauma reactions are far-reaching.

Based on Dr. Weide's background in crisis debriefing and intervention, she has developed a grief and trauma counseling approach for organizations and schools. During a first FREE (no obligations whatsoever) telephone conversation initiated by a school or organization, Dr. Weide describes her counseling approach and format. This is then adapted to the specific needs of the organization or school, based on information provided to Dr. Weide over the phone.

Should the decision be made to call in Dr. Weide, date and time are then set for her on-site crisis debriefing and grief counseling in both group and individual formats. Details depend on the organization/school and the tragedy which has occurred. She also prepares written descriptions of shock and grief reactions, what to look out for, and suggestions for coping skills.

Dr. Weide has extensive experience with crisis counseling and intervention for organizations in many fields. She is available quickly and willing to drive beyond the Washington D.C. area when needed.