Help With Grieving a Pet!

Are you grieving a beloved pet? You are not alone, we have been there! And we can help you with your grief and important decisions to comfort you.

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Dr. Ursula Weide, PhD, JD, NCC, FT

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Our pets are among our best friends - they have feelings just the way we do but express them non-verbally. They know when we are not feeling well and do everything they can to comfort us and make us feel better. I experienced this after my husband's death when my little Westie tried the best she could to help...

When we lose them, part of our lives goes as well. All those years, experiences, ups and downs, moves, relationships - life! Many people do not realize that a cat is not a cat and a dog is not a dog but that all of them have their distinct personality which we grieve when they are gone.

I have seen the same grief reactions after the death of a pet as after the death of a human loved one. Some deaths are violent, some follow an illness. And often we have to make a very difficult decision - is this the time to treat our companions humanely and end their suffering? What arrangements to make? How to maintain their presence even though they are gone? I still have some rather soggy rubber balls Sunshine and I used to play fierce games with - all fifteen pounds of her!

Feel free to contact me to share your grief, or to get support for any decisions you may need to make!


Phone: (240) 229-1893 and (703) 548-3866.