Grief and Traumatic Bereavement Counseling
Small Bereavement Support Groups
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Licensed Psychologist
Fellow of Thanatology (Grief and Bereavement Specialist)


Small once a week groups (evenings, never more than 6 participants) meet in the Old Town of Alexandria, VA, and in Bethesda, MD. By appointment only, and participation is not free.

Please note that my groups are different from most other grief groups in the area - these are not groups limited to a particular kind of loss only. Individual circumstances matter, of course, but when a tragic death complicates our lives, we all come together and can be helpful to each other!

Also, relationships between members become close and supportive because membership is stable. These are not drop-in groups, and no outsiders are allowed. We discuss whatever is on members' minds and what may have happened during the prior week. Meetings are not dedicated to specific subjects, speakers or tapes but we discuss whatever is on the members' minds and hearts. Also, we meet all year round!

Please note that grief group participation is not beneficial for everyone. Dr. Weide will be glad to discuss this with you, no obligation whatsoever. So please call or

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Tel. 703-548-3866 and 240-229-1893

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Offices in Old Town Alexandria, VA 22314, 801 N. Pitt Street, Suite 108, and in Bethesda, MD 20814, 4405 East-West Hwy., Suite 310
(Five minutes from Bethesda Metro)

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Based on my personal experience as a young bereaved spouse and my professional background as a Licensed Psychologist, Licensed Counselor and Fellow of Thanatology (Grief and Bereavement Specialist), I facilitate group interaction. No one is excluded based on the kind of death members have experienced. Being traumatized by death and how it makes our lives more difficult is what links us all.

Even though individual experiences differ, we share the traumatic dimension of grief. Whenever the death was premature, sudden, violent, or when the survivor witnessed decline and death or participated in the terminal care of a loved one, symptoms of trauma develop.

Participants are able to share the extraordinary dimension they now find themselves in with others who have had to face traumatic losses as well. Often, this is the only place a bereaved person can safely talk about everything s/he is experiencing. Group members thus realize that their perceptual and emotional world is not unique but a natural part of what they and others are going through.

No, you are not going crazy in spite of your seemingly strange acts, thoughts, feelings and perceptions since the moment of death of your spouse or partner, sibling, child or other loved one! And sharing the experience with group participants who are further along in the process of facing the future serves as reassurance that yes, you can survive too. And that you can make progress with making sense of your loss.

Life has changed, and these symptoms of traumatic grief affect our daily functioning, our interactions with others, and how we view the future. The group is a safe place to talk about your experiences and feelings with others who share them. And to develop your individual coping skills which will help you to go on in spite of the trauma.

Please note that there are never more than six participants. Membership is stable as participants may remain in the group for as long as they choose. This is not a "structured" format with meetings dedicated to particular subjects. We go wherever group members want to go!

Please click here to contact Dr. Weide or call (240) 229-1893 in Maryland
and (703) 548-3866 in Virginia for more information concerning individual
and/or group grief counseling.

Offices in Old Town, Alexandria VA 22314, 801 N. Pitt Street, Suite 108, and in Bethesda, MD 20814, 4405 East-West Hwy., Suite 310
(Five minutes from Bethesda Metro)

It serves the purposes of getting to know each other, provide reassurance, develop a picture of your situation, impart information about the signs of grief and trauma, explain the group process, and determine what services would be most useful for you at this time. Group members are seen individually whenever the need arises.


Compared with adults, adolescents have fewer opportunities for social support and support in the community. In addition, they have not yet had time to develop the coping skills most adults can resort to at a time of great need. Also, whenever there is a traumatized adolescent, the adult environment most likely has become temporarily impaired in response to the tragedy. Dr. Weide offers both individual, group and family counseling for adolescents. (Please click on

Adolescents/Children) .

She also helps FAMILIES cope with loss and grief.

Please click here to contact Dr. Weide for more information or call (703) 548-3866 in Virginia and (240) 229-1893 in Maryland.

Offices in Old Town, Alexandria, VA 22314, 801 N. Pitt Street, Suite 108 and in Bethesda, MD 20814, 4405 East-West Hwy., Suite 310
(Two blocks from Bethesda Metro)


The loss of a marriage and family - for many the foundation of life - can also trigger grief reactions.

Often, a host of issues imposes itself. There may be anger, feelings of remorse, the absence of opportunity for closure, and the disconcerting questions of what if...

Because of Dr. Weide's in-depth experience with grief, she brings a particularly insightful perspective to these losses as well.

Please click here to contact Dr. Weide for more information or call (240) 229-1893 in Maryland and (703) 548-3866 in Virginia.

Offices in Old Town, Alexandria, VA 22314, and in Bethesda, MD 20814

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