Grief and Traumatic Bereavement Counseling
Re-Entering Life

Developing a clearer picture of the future and of life without the person who was at the center of it is very difficult, at least for some time. What items of personal property to keep, which ones to eliminate, and when? What should remain as a souvenir but possibly will trigger painful feelings and thoughts? What about activities if most of your personal life was entwined with the missing partner? Where and how to live? Eventually to move, or to make adjustments to the current, formerly shared environment? Whom to share your space with?

And then, dating again? Finding a special person again? You may shrink away in horror because you can not even conceive of it at this time of grief. This is a natural reaction, and please do not read on. But perhaps you know just intellectually - not yet emotionally - that, some day, you will no longer want to be alone. Or perhaps you are ready to consider another relationship again. Then how to go about it? After all these years?

All issues above are very difficult and can be totally overwhelming. So let's talk! Unless you are under considerable pressure to make changes, you will be amazed. (If you can, avoid making life decisions in a crisis situation! Brains under duress do not function the way we are used to...) As time goes by, answers will present themselves. And there are so many ways to put your life - different, yes - together again. Once you are ready. And only you can know when this will be. No matter what your environment expects.

I have been there and feel that there are few stones I have left unturned. And the remaining stones have been turned by others I know. We can learn so much from each other! Please join us if you feel ready to approach the future.

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